Tech Job Offsets

Tech jobs, especially in Silicon Valley, are well known for their benefits: free food, free transportation, laundry services, gyms, and so on.

At the same time, many people in the who live right next to these companies face a daily struggle to afford food, shelter, and transportation.

If you work at one of these cushy tech jobs: congratulations! But remember: it's expensive to be poor, and rich people get tons of stuff for free.

Question: How much do you get for free each month?

How many free meals do you eat at work each day? 8
How many free drinks (soda, coffee, etc.) do you drink at work each day? 2
How many days per week do you ride a free shuttle? 4 Approximate daily cost of a monthly Caltrain pass
How many times per week do you use free laundry services? 4
Do you use free gym facilities? 60
Does your employer cover your cell phone plan? 60
Health and cleanliness

Based on the above inputs, we recommend the following recurring monthly donations:

These numbers, and these nonprofits, are suggestions. Please act as you see fit.

Note: Don't forget that your employer may match donations. Tell them that @techjoboffsets sent you.